Hello and Welcome to Axis & Allied Powersports!

Axis and Allied Powersports is East Atlanta's best kept secret and now we're spilling the beans! Erik Dammit has been keeping the rubber side down and rolling in this town for 12 years and has now opened his own repair and custom build shop. Atlanta has seen a significant rise in scooter sales over the last couple years and recently seen a lot of shop closings. As the head mechanic for the now defunct ATL Scooters and Motorcycles shop, his knowledge of Axis (Chinese, Italian and Japanese) scooters & motorcycles is probably the best in this town. But let's not forget his talent with bigger Allied (US, UK and Russian) engines as well. His ability to accurately assess and fix your motorcycle or scooter is impeccable.

Our Services

  • If it's on two wheels and has an engine we've probably fixed one just like it.
  • If it hasn't run in a few weeks, months, years we're pretty sure we can get it going for you.
  • If you just need regular service, we can do that for you, too.
  • If you need irregular service (chops, bobs, big bore kits) and other performance custom stuff, we can definitely do that!
  • If you want a cool new color or custom graphic, we can do that.
  • Everything is subject to actually looking the bike or scooter.
  • Fees are $75 per hour plus parts.
  • Oil changes start at $30 plus fluids and filter provided no fairing removal.
  • Tune-ups for major brand bikes (ie Honda, Kawasaki, Harley etc.) will be based on the hourly rate ($75) unless book rate in place then that will be the rate. This will be determined when we know what bike you have.
  • When you get down to it, all prices will be quoted based on what we see when you bring us your bike or scooter, but these are the numbers we will be basing our quotes on.
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Feature Bike of the Month

1981 Honda CB750 Cut & More      click on photos to enlarge

For those of you who frequent The Gravity Pub in East Atlanta, you may have seen this one parked in front a time or two. We debuted this baby at this year's Monster Bash.

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Fix Stuff

1983 Honda CB550 Cut      click on photos to enlarge

This project is coming to street near you soon. Cut, new tank, adjust the "minor" alignment problem, a little work on the carburetor and Herr Cortez will be ready to roll.

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Broke Stuff

The Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD      click on photos to enlarge

This is a 1979 KZ1000 LTD. It hasn't run in 7 years and the owner is looking to get riding once again.

Check in for photo updates and new projects!

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Fixed Stuff

The Kawasaki KZ1000      click on photos to enlarge

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Contact Us

Call us first 404-604-6156. If Erik doesn't answer, he is probably test riding your bike or someone else's. Send a text message!!!! This is will always be the best way to reach Erik. Please call, e-mail or text to make an appointment. We are located about a mile from the East Atlanta Village.

We are in the shop from 10am til 7pm for work, phone calls, drop offs and pick-ups. We are there everyday, with the exception of a few really cool events we plan to bring the bikes to, but we'll let you know about those. What would make that easy is by you joining our mailing list. Just make sure to include your full name, mailing address, the e-mail you want us to send stuff to and a phone number if you like.

Other Ways to Reach Us

We are also on:

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Thanks for visiting our web site! Give us a call!